​Recognized training company

​As a certified training company, we are authorized to guide students and trainees from different levels. At our company you will regularly find apprentices and trainees from different levels and courses.


​Familiarize young people in the sector: that is this company’s task. Not only the trainees benefit from this, but also the training company.

​Prinsentuin College

​The Prinsentuin College in Breda provides eight professional educations in the green sector, which are all MBO level or contract education. All programs are known for their apprection for nature and  contribution towards a more sustainable world.


Project Manager

​Currently not recruiting.

​Saterday helpers

​Always necessary, so just give us a call.


Plantenkwekerij Kees Burgmans B.V.

Email: info@keesburgmans.nl
KvK 61005363

Tel +31 6 27 35 26 78
Tel +31 4 11 60 70 26
Fax +31 4 11 62 13 64

Holleneind 23
5076 NG  Haaren